28-09-2009   -   ICT

Mon 28 Sep 2009 Ants Vs. Worms: New Computer Security Mimics Nature. In the never-ending battle to protect computer networks from intruders, security experts are deploying a new defense modeled after one of nature’s hardiest creatures - the digital ant. more

  27-09-2009   -   Agriculture

Sun 27 Sep 2009 A new computing tool that could help scientists predict how plants will react to different environmental conditions in order to create better crops, such as tastier and longer lasting tomatoes, is being developed by researchers. Scientists are keen to develop new strains of crops such as drought resistant wheat and new pesticides that are more environmentally friendly. However, in order to do this, they need to predict how the genes inside plants will react when they are subjected to different chemicals or environmental conditions. more

  06-09-2009   -   Physics

Sun 6 Sep 2009 Scientists Cool Gas By Laser Bombardment. Three decades ago, American and Finnish scientists came up with a very powerful method for cooling gases by 'laser bombardment.' Now physicists at the University of Bonn have demonstrated that it actually works. The work of the Bonn scientists will appear in the forthcoming issue of the journal Nature. Fast cooling by laser bombardment could also possibly be used for the construction of new mini fridges.more

  03-09-2009   -   Energy

Thu 3 Sep 2009 Japan to spend $21 billion on solar power imported from outer space. The one-gigawatt orbiting solar power station boasting some four kilometers of solar panels—maybe of the super-efficient Spectrolab variety but more likely domestically sourced from Mitsubishi or Sharp with other firms willing to contribute. The space solar power station would orbit some 36,000 kilometers above Earth and transmit power to Earth in a microwave or laser beam. providing enough power for roughly 300,000 Japanese homes. more

  26-08-2009   -   Agriculture

Wed 26 Aug 2009 Will watermelon be the next biofuel? Twenty percent of watermelons never make it to the picnic table. Rather, one in every five is left to ripen and rot in the field, rejected for even the slightest of cosmetic imperfections. But U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers may have found a way to elevate these outcasts to an even higher calling than the summer BBQ: biofuel production. more

  18-08-2009   -   Nano Tech

Tue 18 Aug 2009 New Nanolaser Key To Future Optical Computers &Technologies. Researchers have created the tiniest laser (spaser) since its invention nearly 50 years ago, paving the way for a host of innovations, including superfast computers that use light instead of electrons to process information, advanced sensors and imaging.more

  09-08-2009   -   Chemistry

Sun 9 Aug 2009 Chemical Separations: Membrane Breaks Through Performance Barrier. Engineers have developed a new method for creating high-performance membranes from crystal sieves called zeolites; the method could increase the energy efficiency of chemical separations up to 50 times over conventional methods and enable higher production rates.more

  06-08-2009   -   Nano Tech

Thu 6 Aug 2009 All-in-One Nanoparticle: A 'Swiss Army Knife' For Nanomedicine. Nanoparticles are being developed to perform a wide range of medical uses -- imaging tumors, carrying drugs, delivering pulses of heat. Rather than settling for just one of these, researchers at the University of Washington have combined two nanoparticles in one tiny package.more

  28-07-2009   -   Physics

Mon 27 July 2009 Physicists Create First Nanoscale Mass Spectrometer. Using devices millionths of a meter in size, physicists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a technique (NEMS) to determine the mass of a single molecule, in real time.more

  26-07-2009   -   Chemistry

Fri 25 July 2009 Nanotubes Weigh A Single Atom — How can you weigh a single atom? European researchers have built an exquisite new device that can do just that. It may ultimately allow scientists to study the progress of chemical reactions, molecule by molecule.more

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