03-12-2009   -   Physics

Thu 3 Dec 2009 Scientists Demonstrate 120 Watt mid-infrared Lasers. Northwestern University researchers have achieved a breakthrough in quantum cascade laser output power, delivering 120 watts from a single device at room temperature. The results are particularly attractive for infrared countermeasure, a way of misguiding incoming missiles to protect commercial and military aircrafts.more

  03-12-2009   -   Medicine

Wed 2 Dec 2009 First Live Targeting of Tumors with RNA-Based Technology. Finding and treating a tumor without disturbing normal tissue presents challenges. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have devised a way they might deliver the right therapy directly to tumors using special molecules, called aptamers, which specifically bind to living tumor tissue. They screened a large pool of aptamers in a rodent with liver cancer until they found the best molecule to bind to a tumor protein. more

  19-11-2009   -   Nano Tech

Thu 19 Nov 2009 In Touch with Molecules. The performance of modern electronics increases steadily on a fast pace thanks to the ongoing miniaturization of the utilized components. However, severe problems arise due to quantum-mechanical phenomena when conventional structures are simply made smaller and reach the nanometer scale. Therefore current research focuses on the so-called bottom-up approach: the engineering of functional structures with the smallest possible building blocks – single atoms and molecules. For the first time a collaboration of researchers across Europe now achieved to investigate the electrical behaviour of only two C60-molecules touching each other. The molecule which is shaped like a football was discovered in 1985 and since then has attracted tremendous attention by researchers all over the world due to its unique chemistry and potential technological applications in nanotechnology, materials science and electronics. more

  15-11-2009   -   ICT

Sat 14 Nov 2009 Video Fingerprinting Offers Search Solution. The explosive growth of video on the internet calls for new ways of sorting and searching audiovisual content. A team of European researchers has developed a groundbreaking solution that is finding commercial applications. more

  15-11-2009   -   Physics

Thu 12 Nov 2009 Laser creates record-breaking protons. An international group of physicists working at the Los Alamos Laboratory in the US has used a laser to generate 67.5 MeV protons – the highest-energy protons yet produced in this way. Their work points the way to new laser-based devices for proton therapy, which would be far smaller and cheaper than existing particle-accelerator sources. more

  02-11-2009   -   Physics

Mon 2 Nov 2009 Discovery May Lead To Precision Engineering Of Superconducting Thin Films For Electronic Devices. Using precision techniques for making superconducting thin films layer-by-layer, physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have identified a single layer responsible for one such material's ability to become superconducting, i.e., carry electrical current with no energy loss. The technique could be used to engineer ultrathin films with "tunable" superconductivity for higher-efficiency electronic devices. more

  25-10-2009   -   Agriculture

Sun 25 Oct 2009 Fruit Fly Pest Identified In Grapes. A newly recognized pest in Oregon continues to concern fruit growers and researchers with the recent discovery of a Spotted Wing Drosophila fly in a sample of Willamette Valley wine grapes.
Signs of possible infestation include: Spotted Drosophila flies with a pale black spot at the leading edge of the wing (only the male flies of this species have this marking), Small puncture wound on hanging fruit, where female drilled in to lay her eggs, Soft fruit on plant, starting at puncture scar. Secondary decay can establish at this point, and Small pale maggots in intact fruit on the plant.more

  22-10-2009   -   ICT

Thu 22 Oct 2009 Microsoft launched Windows 7 OS today. Microsoft made the near-final release candidate version available last month. Shortly after its release, Microsoft finally confirmed that it was aiming Windows 7 for a holiday 2009 release, something that was widely anticipated, but not confirmed by Redmond-based MS.


  20-10-2009   -   Physics

Wed 21 Oct 2009 Physicists Develop Multifunctional Storage Device For Light. Light is intangible and, in addition, it travels at great velocity. Nevertheless, it can be confined to a very small space by controllably inserting light into a microscopic container surrounded by reflective walls. The light will then be stored by continuous reflections and cannot escape. In the scientific domain, such a small reflective microcavity is termed a microresonator. These microresonators find applications in all areas where the interaction between light and matter shall be enhanced and studied in a controlled manner. An important area of usage is, for example, the laser diode, which has revolutionized telecommunications and optical data storage in the past few decades. more

  20-10-2009   -   Energy

Tue 20 Oct 2009 Canadian chemists have taken the science behind a specific type of fuel cell towards a higher level of design. They have discovered a new material that allows a PEM fuel cell, known as a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell, to work at a higher temperature. This discovery is extremely important in terms of increasing the efficiency and decreasing the cost of PEM fuel cells.more

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